Professional Oil Painting Conservation

Lafayette, California

Serving Contra Costa County and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area Since 1993

Art Conservation and Restoration Services

Why Restore Your Oil Painting?

Your painting is valuable to you regardless of its monetary value and deserves to be preserved for future generations to enjoy. Restoration will add to your painting’s value, both aesthetically and monetarily.

Cleaning and Varnish Removal

Discoloration to the pigment and varnish layers due to smoke, dirt, air pollutants, and the natural aging process of varnish often occurs over time and can be corrected with the proper techniques, time and patience required to reveal, preserve and uncover the true character of your oil painting.

Consolidating Flaking Paint and Repairing Tears

Damage to an oil painting can be the result of a variety of conditions ranging from fluctuations in humidity and temperature to direct exposure to moisture and sunlight. Water leaks and improper storage in a damp environment can cause damage to a painting by destabilizing the pigment layer. Heat from direct sunlight or a house fire can cause the pigment layer to blister or crack. Punctures and tears often occur as the canvas ages and becomes brittle. These types of damage can be remedied by lining (adhering) the painting to a new canvas to provide added support and consolidate the pigment layer. Small repairs can often be made by patching the tear or hole.

After the repairs have been made, precise infilling is required to replicate the original texture of the oil painting. The pigments are then carefully and meticulously matched to the original color and style of the painting.


The final step in restoring the oil painting is to apply the varnish to protect the painting from the elements and to enhance the true colors of the painting.

Frame Restoration

Frames often sustain damage over time and require the recasting of ornamental pieces, re-leafing and reinforcing loose corners to provide strength and stability. Picture frames protect and enhance an oil painting and are often part of the history of the painting.

Personal Service

A careful examination and evaluation of your oil painting is provided free of charge. Complimentary pickup and delivery are also included. Before and after photos are taken of each painting. All work is performed and completed by David Berlin.